February 18, 2021

I once read a Night Train review that began, “I can’t believe it’s not paint thinner.” Anyone who recalls the 2018 de facto Canadian Heritage Moment “buck a beer” will recall that it tastes roughly like drinking 100 pennies. The Grizzlers are bringing “Buck A Joint” to Alberta this summer.

Grizzlers, a well-known legacy brand, was the first to introduce pre-packaged and rolled six-packs to Canada. They went into hibernation when legalisation became effective in the fall of 2018. If you recall anything about Grizzlers, you know they’re all about making nice bud available to everyone. It’s only fitting that “The People’s Weed” is back in the wild for a buck a joint.

Grizzlers swindle a joint

This summer, the SMPLE by AHLOT programme will bring $1 pre-rolls to Alberta. The buck a joint will contain a single 0.5 gramme of Grizzler’s famous indica and will be available for a limited period at select outlets throughout the province.

In a press statement, CRFT CEO Matthew Watters remarked, “We’re pleased to offer clients something they’ve been waiting for – a legacy market product at a legacy market price.” “Grizzlers stands out from the crowd because of our devotion to craft, concentration on the flower, affordable price, and, of course, our legacy market clout.”

Unlike the original buck a beer (actually, a little more than a buck now), these joints are smooth. All Grizzlers goods are provincially designated crafts. Craft-grade flowers from small-batch producers are used in these buck a joint pre-rolls. At $1, it’s a no-brainer to try the product before investing in the new 7 x 0.5 g packs. But don’t wait too long because it won’t last long.

Do you intend to generate some premium budget pre-rolls this summer? Tell us in the comments. For the most up-to-date information, follow Grizzlers on Twitter.