The Best Times to Find Deals on Cannabis Products

May 28, 2024

Understanding the best times to purchase cannabis can lead to significant savings for consumers. By identifying key periods during which dispensaries and online stores offer discounts, buyers can strategically plan their purchases. This article delves into various times and occasions when shoppers can find the best deals on cannabis products.

Annual and Seasonal Sales Periods

Several times of the year regularly offer opportunities for discounts across the retail sector, including cannabis dispensaries. Key dates include:

4/20 Celebrations

April 20th, known in the cannabis community as 4/20, is one of the most significant times of the year for buying cannabis products or bulk weed. Many dispensaries offer promotional sales, celebrating the culture and community built around cannabis.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Following Thanksgiving in November, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are renowned for maximal discounts. Cannabis retailers typically join in, providing generous offers on a range of products from dry herbs to concentrates and accessories.

Boxing Day Sales

The day after Christmas, Boxing Day, is another prime time for post-holiday sales, where dispensaries aim to clear out inventory before the new year. It’s an excellent time for consumers to explore various discounts.

Off-Peak Shopping Hours and Days

Beyond known sales events, shopping during specific days of the week or times of the day can also yield savings:

Mid-Week Deals

Dispensaries often experience quieter periods mid-week. To boost sales, they may offer discounts on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, making these ideal days for shoppers looking for deals.

Early Bird Discounts

Similarly, some cannabis stores offer early-bird specials to customers who visit or order online early in the day. This strategy helps retailers increase foot traffic or orders during typically slow hours.

End of the Month Clearance

End-of-the-month sales are strategies used by dispensaries to meet monthly targets and manage inventories effectively. Shoppers can expect lower prices on various cannabis products as dispensaries clear out older stock to make room for new arrivals.

Seasonal Harvest Sales

The cannabis planting cycle also influences product pricing. Post-harvest, usually around the late fall, dispensaries might have excess stock from recent harvests, leading to reduced prices to clear inventory. This is a great time for consumers to purchase fresh cannabis at lower prices.

Watching for Promotional Campaigns

Subscribing to newsletters and following your favorite dispensaries on social media can keep you informed about spontaneous deals and exclusive promotions. Many businesses use these channels to quickly communicate limited-time offers to their customer base.

Time of Sale Typical Discounts Products on Sale Shopping Tip
4/20 Celebrations High Wide assortment Plan in advance, stocks may run out
Black Friday/Cyber Monday Very High Gadgets, luxury items Compare deals online for best prices
Boxing Day High Most inventory Be early to grab the best deals
Mid-Week/Early Bird Moderate Select merchandise Shop during non-peak hours for personal attention

Ready to score your deal?

By understanding and taking advantage of these optimal times for purchasing cannabis, customers can enjoy significant savings and make the most of their shopping experience. Keeping informed through subscriptions and active engagement with dispensaries’ communications will ensure that you don’t miss out on any sudden or substantial discount opportunities.